By joining a club or two, a student is making the statement that he/she is involved in the college experience. Campus involvement is one of many keys to college success. It just so happens that clubs can start friendships, build teamwork, and they also look very good on a resume and job application. Many clubs have service oriented goals and by joining a club, students can help support many causes. Community service is a valuable outcome and is very important at SRU.

While students are free to join any number of clubs on campus, the majority of PRM students find themselves participating in the Park Ranger Society (PRS) and/or the Environmental Education and Interpretation Club. Both clubs are active in community service and provide training opportunities for skill-based certifications.

The Park Ranger Society

The PRS is a student club that is designed to provide a social element to the academic pursuits for those with common interests in park and resource management. The club is active in community service and has performed countless hours in various projects throughout the community. The club is open to all students with an interest in the outdoors and is especially suitable for students interested in careers with land management agencies.

In a given year, the Park Ranger Society is actively involved in multiple projects. A partial listing of such activities and projects include:

  • Helping with local and regional events such as the Moraine State Park Heritage Festival, various habitat restoration, and other management related projects.
  • Fundraising efforts to attend conferences
  • Participating in the Adopt-a-roadside clean up activity
  • Volunteering for community projects that aid injured officers
  • Walk for the Cure
  • Volunteering for the Halloween haunted trail

The club encourages member participation at local, regional, and national conferences. In January of 2017, ten members of the club attended the Park Ranger Institute in North Carolina over the winter break.

The Environmental Education and Interpretation Club

The Environmental Education and Interpretation Club aims to expose students to hands-on, experiential environmental education and interpretation related to conservation and natural resources. This club is affiliated with the National Association of Interpretation, which is a professional organization that provides networking opportunities, job resources, and annual conferences. Members of the club engage in field trips to local and regional parks and environmental education centers, participate in volunteer work in the surrounding community and lead events that involve preparing and presenting public programs. Membership is open to all students with an interest in interpreting and communicating about the natural world to others.