Safety Management

The Department of Safety Management offers a hands-on, practical and applied Bachelor of Science Degree in Safety Management.  The BS in Safety Management is designed to assure development of competencies which enable innovative approaches in the establishment and direction of comprehensive safety programs in educational, governmental, private business and industrial enterprises.  Safety Management involves protecting and preserving people, property, productivity and the environment.  The curriculum fosters an education that enables students to become responsible, knowledgeable and accountable safety professionals.  The major is based on safety management concepts with technical elements incorporated throughout the curriculum. 

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Safety Management at Slippery Rock University meets the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) requirements as a Qualified Academic Program (QAP). The Safety Management Major at SRU is an Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) approved degree program.

The Department of Safety Management also operates a National Resource Center-WVU OSHA Training Institute Education Center Host Site. The Department adheres to the OSHA requirements that an instructor be physically in the classroom with a maximum number of 40 students. Students who successfully complete SAFE 218 (General Industry) and SAFE 258 (Construction) are eligible to receive OSHA cards. The Cards are an added value to the courses. However, a student must meet all the OSHA requirements to receive the Cards. Cards are issued at the discretion of the Instructor and enrollment in the courses does not entitle the student to the Cards. The Department is also able to offer additional OSHA courses.

For Safety Management laboratory courses, the Department of Safety Management attempts to follow the recommendation of both the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI) which is to have the lesser of 24 students per lab, and the design capacity of the room, or 55 sq. ft. per student for lecture/lab combo rooms and 45 sq. ft. per student for only lab rooms.