The internship offers students the opportunity to obtain first-hand experience in the workplace. Students are provided the opportunity to apply concepts and techniques learned in the classroom to the workplace environment. The internship program is administered in cooperation with a variety of organizations, including government, industry, insurance, health care and other related enterprises. The 12-week, 12-credit internship is offered only during the summer term with 99% of the interns receiving compensation. Salaries range from $10.00 to $24.00 an hour with some students receiving housing and living expenses.  Internship requirements are available from the Department of Safety Management.


"Dr. Cali, I just got back from Atlanta last night. I presented an idea I came up with for forklift safety in front of 90 other interns, ten HR people, and at least ten executives including the president of my division. It was nerve wracking, but I did very well. The first night I was there I was having dinner with other interns and one of the HR people that put on the event. I told the HR person that I attend Slippery Rock University for Safety Management and he said, 'Your school has the best safety program in the country.' That is always a good sign coming from a Senior HR person (VP of Talent Management) in a company that has 200 plants as well as 27,000 employees. Out of 90 interns at the event, there were four or five safety interns from other institutions of higher education. The majority of the interns there were engineers."

- Jeremy Stiehl, Summer Safety Intern