First-Year Student Admission Requirements


Slippery Rock University has a strong commitment to student success, and we thoroughly research the academic background of the students who tend to succeed at SRU. We use this information to establish admission guidelines for first-year students (new freshmen).

For students who are unable to sit for the SAT or ACT exam because of test cancellations due to COVID-19:

Slippery Rock University will evaluate applications based on high school performance.  This applies to students applying for the Fall 2020 term with a 3.20 GPA or higher and includes both those students who were planning on taking the SAT/ACT for the first time and those looking to retest.  Test scores will be accepted for applicants who were able to sit for a previous exam date, but for all others the high school transcript, including grades and rigor will be evaluated in lieu of test scores.

In order to apply for admission, the following credentials are required before an admission decision can be made:

  • Submission of an admission application
  • Official High School transcripts (including a 12th grade class schedule if applicable) sent from your school counselor electronically or they can email your official transcripts to 
  • Official SAT or ACT scores sent from College Board or ACT. We also accept test scores that appear on your official high school transcript OR if your scores are sent by email from your school counselor to 
  • $30 application fee. For fee waiver information, click here.

We are seeking students who:

  • Have attained at least a 3.0 GPA in college preparatory coursework
  • Have a 1030 SAT (m+r only) or a 20 composite ACT. We will accept either test and use the best scores available. 

Important notes:

  • Applicants who do not meet the admission guidelines listed above are still encouraged to apply for admission if they are close to our admission guidelines. Such applicants may be asked to submit additional academic credentials and placed on a wait list for admission consideration.
  • Students who are placed on a wait list need to understand it is not the same as being denied admission. Wait list status simply means that an applicant's credentials may require a closer review beyond just the quantitative numbers. Offers of admission will be made to wait listed applicants on a regular basis.
  • Wait listed applicants should strive to improve their grades and/or test scores and re-submit them to the Office of Admissions after the next marking period or re-test. Periodic review of the wait list will likely begin in November and offers of admission made on a rolling basis. Our goal is to have most of the wait list offers of admission made in March or April. A final round of wait list offers may be made in mid-May on a space available basis. We encourage students to submit additional information if it improves the academic record.