Advisory Board / Board of Visitors

There is a Board of Visitors for the Information Systems program and an Advisory Board for the graduate program in Health Information Management. The advisory boards are a source of business and industry expertise, ensuring that our programs’ teaching, research, and outreach are in tune with current and future trends in information systems and technology management. The advisory boards are to assist in curricular development and assessment as well as further the partnership between our program and the industry. The advisory boards look for ways to enhance the educational experience of our students through campus events, learning opportunities based on real-world problems, internships, and the development of career opportunities.

To be effective and relevant, we believe it is critical that representatives from industry have opportunity to provide input and service on this board. The members to the boards have been identified as persons with respected knowledge and experience within the Information Systems and Technology domain, and those who will make a valuable contribution to the boards. By serving on the boards, members have opportunity to guide our programs, help prepare students for their future after college, and promote and advocate the importance and relevance of industry.

Information Systems Board of Visitors

Franolich, John
Principal Security Engineer, medical device cyber security

Lavelle, Carla
IT Manager

Mast, Joseph (SRU ’17)
Security Engineer

Miller, Daniel (SRU ’14)
Director, Product Engineering

Packard, Craig
Director, IT Infrastructure

Pesko, Philip (SRU ’12)
Manager, Portfolio Services Leader

Sensenich, Marc (SRU ’15)
Senior Advisory Solution Architect

Slade, Alicia
President/Technical Consultant
Plummer Slade, Inc.

Slade, Douglas
Senior Software Engineer
IBM, Worldwide Technical Sales

Tasota, Michael (SRU ’13)
Software Engineer
CMU Create Lab

Weckerly, Aaron (SRU ’15)
Software Development Manager

Zeigler, Terry
Senior Director Information Technology
Pittsburgh Pirates