Labs and Internships


Lab rooms are located in a $14.5 million, 87,000-square foot advanced science and technology hall on campus. The faculty and students enjoy the state-of-the-art of computer labs and equipment. Most of the labs can be accessed by swiping your student ID card at the door.


The smart classrooms can seat up to 35 students. Both the instructor and students have access to his or her own computer during the lecture and lab. The digital projector can display instructor's computer screen, DVD player, or a laptop video output.


The network lab is separate from the campus network for networking, security/forensics, and system
administration courses. Here the students have access to his/her own workstation and virtual servers, and are encouraged to practice hacking/cracking techniques.


SRU information systems students have completed internships at various locations including:
• Federated Investors
• Bayer
• II-VI Incorporated
• Iron Mountain
• PPG Industries
• PNC Bank
• Highmark Health