Student Research

Psychology is a STEM (Science, Technology, and Mathematics) science and uses the scientific method to examine psychological phenomena. SRU Psychology recognizes the importance of research in making student experiences as a psychology major more fulfilling. SRU Psychology provides students with opportunities to learn about the scientific process through hands-on experience. Students may work on their own research with a faculty mentor and/or engage in research by working with other students in a faculty member's research lab. Some of these research projects also are funded through the university to provide resources for project success. Through student independent research and faculty research labs, many of our students have presented at professional conferences in destinations, such as Portugal, Chicago, Boston, Memphis, San Francisco, New York, and San Diego. Students remark that these experiences are valuable to their development as psychology majors.

Current Student Projects

  • How does past experience as a bully or victim affect adjustment to college?

  • Societal Attitudes and Self-Perceptions Study

  • The Association between Perceived Stress and BioFeedback Outcomes

  • Personality and lifestyle factors as predictors of GPA and college success

  • Exercise, Wellness, and Well-Being among SRU College Students

  • Variations in the association between sex segregation and sexism

  • Healthy Attachment through Parenting Practices in Infants

  • The Association between Depression Symptoms and EEG Outcomes

  • Path Analysis of Weight, Perceived Weight, and Mood in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health
  • The role of gender and relationship type in conflict management

  • Moral identity, self-esteem, and pro-social behavior in children and adolescents.

  • Prenatal drug exposure and neuroimaging outcomes: (f)MRI and DTI