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Accolades and Testimonials

Accolades and Testimonials


Recreational Therapy faculty and students regularly receive local and national accolades for their work in the field and for Slippery Rock University. Below are a sample of the most recent good news items to come from the program.


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Student and Alumni


Gabrielle Cunningham, Recreational Therapist at Verland Institute

Becoming a Recreational Therapy major is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I love developing relationships and assisting others in achieving their personal goals. I can make a difference in another person's life, and that feeling is indescribable. The individuals I have worked alongside provided me with a new perspective and often, a friendship. Slippery Rock's RT program prepared me with the knowledge and ability to look at the whole person, before the disability. They taught me how to adapt programs and develop interventions to fit the individual's area of need to improve a person's overall quality of life. The professors truly practice what they preach as they are passionate about their work and care about each and every one of their students!

Kristen Hagerty

“Being an RT student at SRU has taught me so much more than just learning how to be a great recreational therapist. Through this program I have grown as a person and learned how to both enhance and improve my quality of life, as well as others. One of my favorite experiences as an SRU RT student is being a part of Recreational Therapy Month and being able to increase others’ knowledge in how great our profession really is and what it is we do everyday to change others lives for the better.”

Hannah Morgan, Recreational Therapist at The Meadows Psychiatric Center in Center Hall, PA

What I’ve learned from the RT department at SRU will stay with me throughout my career. Not only did I gain knowledge, I’ve gained the skills and ability to apply that knowledge, which is vital. I’ve been given many hands on opportunities of real life experience that have taught me so much and leave me feeling truly confident when entering the professional world. There’s no doubt in my mind I will make a difference in the world thanks to the RT department at SRU.”

Josie Skibinski, OTD Student

A Recreational Therapy undergraduate degree prepared me extremely well for my career as an Occupational therapist. Both professions are client-centered, holistic, and aim to help people accomplish their life goals and what they find to be meaningful.

Amanda Shiflet, PT student

I really valued having my RT background throughout my first and second year of PT school. Because of RT, I felt more prepared in certain areas such as diagnosis of conditions, and adapting treatment plans to fit each individual. With the amount of clinical experiences provided to me in undergrad, I am comfortable working with a variety of patients.