Transfer Students

Spring 2023 admitted transfer students:

Transfer students wishing for on-campus housing need to fill out the on-campus placement form by logging into their MyHousing Portal.  A staff member in the Housing Office will do the placement towards the end of the fall semester.  

Fall 2023 admitted transfer students:  

Beginning fall 2023, all transfer students with less than 60 credits must reside on campus for two years.  Exceptions to the on-campus residency requirement will be made for those who fit into any of these categories:  reside with a parent or legal guardian within 60 miles from campus, turn 21 prior to August 31, part-time students, students who are married or students have dependent children in their custody.  If the student has completed 30 credits at a previous institution, they are only required to live on campus for one year.  Students will need to either move forward with on-campus housing or complete the exception form found in the MyHousing portal.  In the event that neither is done, Housing will do the on-campus placement for the student.