Current Students

Current Student On-Campus Agreements 2024-2025

Room selection dates for Fall 2024-Spring 2025

On Tuesday, November 28 at 12:30pm (common hour), current students (who will be a sophomore in the fall 2024 semester), may log onto their MyHousing Portal and secure a Fall 2024-Spring 2025 housing agreement to live on campus! Housing will email current students reminders with information.

IMPORTANT:  Students who will be a junior and/or senior in the fall of 2024, who wish to reside on campus need to complete an on-campus placement form (found in their MyHousing Portal) also available on Nov. 28.  You will receive an email when/if the application is made active for you.  As upperclass student, you are not required to reside on campus, though our goal is to offer housing agreements to all who want and need to reside on-campus. Students should expect to have suitemates/roommate.

The residence hall agreement is for the entire academic year.  One semester agreements are available only to students who will graduate in December, have an internship in the spring, student teacher, or study abroad.  Please contact our office for assistance or if you have any questions. 

We will not grant a release once the contract has been signed so carefully consider this decision.

Information on the Housing Agreement:

  • As part of the housing agreement you will be asked to indicate if you have a Living Learning Community (LLC) preference. Each LLC is based around an academic college and allows students to live with residents in their college of major, share resources and form study groups, and create valuable social and academic connections. LLCs are housed in the residential suites. To learn more, visit:
  • You will also be asked to indicate a preference of campus area: Residential Suites (Building A, B, Watson, D, E, F) or Traditional Halls (North and Rhoads). Please note this is a preference and traditional halls are not guaranteed, space will be limited. LLC preference will override campus area preference. Any future roommate requests will need to “match” as far as area preference/LLC preference.
  • All SRU residence halls are mixed class years. 
  • We will not adjust your housing assignment based on race, color, sexual orientation, or creed.  We do offer gender inclusive housing; contact our office if this is of interest.
  • Please review the proposed room rates and fees to be aware of the estimated costs and anticipated room styles. Exact pricing for 2024-2025 is not yet confirmed, but this will serve as a guide:
  • On campus residents will also be assigned standard meal plan, which can be changed at a later date (into the first 2 weeks of the semester). 

Prior to completing your housing agreement, you will need:

  1. A credit card or banking information for an electronic check for the $175 advance housing fee. The $175 housing fee is non-refundable once submitted as a returning student.  We will not be offering releases so once this contract is signed, you will not be released from it.
  2. If you have had your required meningitis vaccination, please have the date of vaccination to complete the contract, otherwise, you will have the option to waive online.
  3. If you are unable to pay the $175 fee due to financial constraints, please contact Mimi in Housing at 

STEP 1: Complete “Addresses/Contacts” in the “About Me” Section

Before you start signing the agreement, please visit the “About Me” section, found on the main menu. Please complete/update the “addresses/contacts.” 

STEP 2: Sign the Housing Agreement

  • Log into MyHousing Portal:
  • Select “Application/Agreement” on the menu.
  • Select the Fall 2024 agreement.
  • Sign the agreement electronically. This will serve as your signature for the 2023- 2024 academic year. Click “continue.”

NOTE: Students residing on-campus are required to obtain a meal plan.  The University will automatically invoice you for weekly 14 meal plan as outlined in your housing agreement.  You may log back in to your MyHousing portal to change your meal plan after July 1st. Please visit or contact Dining Services for more specific details at 724.738.2038.  

  • Next, you will Complete the “My Information Section.”
  • Students requesting specific housing due to medical issues must be registered with the Office of Disability Services. The Office of Housing and Residence Life cannot accommodate requests to medical concerns unless you are registered with the Office of Disability Services.
  • Students residing in residence halls are required to have received the meningococcal vaccination. Please provide the date you received the vaccination or waive the vaccination
  • You will have the option to give a preference on campus area (Residential Suites, Buildings A-F or Traditional Halls, North and Rhoads). This is only a request and cannot be guaranteed.

STEP 3: Complete your Living Requests (Optional).

  • You will have the option to give a Living Learning Community (LLC) preference. After reviewing the Living-Learning Community spreadsheet in this booklet, or online, if you believe one of those communities would be a good fit for you personally or academically, make it a preference.
  • Please note: If you select to live in an LLC and your major matches the LLC requirement, you will be automatically approved. If not, your application will be reviewed.
  • If you or your roommate are applying for an LLC, you must be aware that both roommates must apply to the LLC – and approved – or the request cannot be honored.
  • After you had selected your preferences, click “Continue.”

STEP 4: Pay Housing Fee

  • Next, you will pay the housing fee. This step is not optional and without the fee, your application will not be processed. After you have completed both the agreement and submitted payment, you will be directed to sign your meal contract. Changes to your dining plan may be made at the beginning of July via the MyHousing Portal.
  • You will receive an email via your SRU email account confirming that you have completed Step 1.
  • If the student is under 18 years of age, a verification will be sent to the parent email entered in the “About Me” section.

Click Home.

Click here for the room selection timeline

Regarding requesting a roommate/s, as a returning student, you will do that starting Feb. 1-29, 2024.

Click here for the room selection timeline.

If you are unable to find your friend(s), there are some reasons why:

  1. Did they complete their housing application?
  2. Did they select an LLC which is different than yours?
  3. Did either of you apply to the Honors LLC and was your request approved?
  4. Is your roommate an new student (F24 freshman). If this is the case, contact Mimi and she will assist.
  5. You are looking for someone who is not the same gender as you are.

If you are looking for a roommate/Suitemates, there is  an area where you can post (or view) roommate wanted ads.  It is on your MyHousing portal, under Helpful Links, “Roommate Wanted Ad”.

  • Using MyHousing Portal, under the Room Selection menu, click “Select Roommates.”
  • Select Fall 2024 for the term.
  • Search for roommate/suitemates under “Roommate Requests.”
  • Roommate requests are limited to no more than three other students and must be mutual.
  • Roommate/suitemate requests will take preference over all other personal preferences. Your requested roommate/ suitemate must also list you on their request.
  • If a student has not been admitted to SRU, has not signed a housing agreement, or has already been assigned a room, you won’t be able to request them as a roommate at the time of the application. You will need to make a specific request by calling 724.738.2082. You may also return to MyHousing to update your requests at a later date, if needed.

If you do not have a roommate in mind, you may still select your room type. Please know a roommate(s) will be assigned to your suite/room by Housing.

STEP 6: Upperclass students choose your room in February. You will receive an email to your SRU account before this step begins.

  • FEBRUARY: Upperclass students who have completed their housing application and submitted the $175 fee prior to Jan. 29 may select their own room during the month of February. Students may also select their roommate(s) at that time if they have not yet done so.