Current Students

The residence hall agreement is for the entire academic year.  One semester agreements are available only to students who will graduate in December, have an internship in the spring, or study abroad.  Questions?  Please see a staff member in housing.

Fall 2021 Room Selection Timeline

Process Dates and General Information 2021-2022 

At this time, current students can indiate their desire to reside on-campus by completing an "On Campus Placement" form.   If you need on-campus housing, please log into your MyHousing Portal and under "Helpful Links" select "On Campus Placement."

You will need to complete the on-campus placement request to begin the process. 

Housing will then offer students the ability to sign a housing agreement on a rolling basis, as space allows. As an upper-class/transfer student, you are not required to reside on campus, nor guaranteed on-campus housing, though our goal is to offer housing agreements to all who want and need to reside on-campus. For the upcoming academic year, students should expect to have suitemates/roommate, as occupancy of the residence halls is anticipated to increase above the previous academic year. Please monitor your SRU email for an agreement offer.

Below is some important information regarding living on campus, as well as some links to assist you in the process. Also visit our webpage for general information:

The on-campus housing contract is for one academic year (fall and spring) and is binding unless you withdraw/cancel admission from the University, or graduate.

  • Any student with a special housing request due to any type of health concern should contact the office for disability services at 724.738.4877.  You should also be sure to note this on your housing application; therefore, our staff can assist you as best as possible. 
  • If you wish to live in a Living and Learning Community (LLC), certain buildings host certain LLCs.  For example, all Health, Environment, and Engineering majors who wish to live in an LLC will live in Building A.  See website for details.
  • If you are unable to log into the MyHousing Portal, please contact the office. 

Before Signing the Contract:

  • As part of the housing agreement you will be asked to indicate if you have a Living Learning Community (LLC) preference. Each LLC is based around an academic college and allows students to live with residents in their college of major, share resources and form study groups, and create valuable social and academic connections. LLCs are housed in the residential suites. To learn more, visit:
  • You will also be asked to indicate a preference of campus area: Residential Suites (Building A, B, Watson, D, E, F) or Traditional Halls (North and Rhoads). Please note this is a preference and traditional halls are not guaranteed, space will be limited. LLC preference will override campus area preference. Any future roommate requests will need to “match” as far as area preference/LLC preference.
  • All SRU residence halls are mixed class years. 
  • We will not adjust your housing assignment based on race, color, sexual orientation, or creed.  We do offer gender inclusive housing; contact our office if this is of interest.
  • The $175 housing fee is non-refundable once submitted as a returning student.  Returning students may cancel their contract until June 1.  After June 1, you may not be released so please do not sign an off-campus contract prior to a decision being rendered regarding your request for a release.
  • Part of signing your agreement is to submit a $175 housing fee via credit card. If you are not able to submit the fee due to financial constraints, please contact
  • Please review the proposed room rates and fees to be aware of the estimated costs and anticipated room styles. Pricing for 2021-2022 is not established, and room style availability can change due to pandemic planning, but this will serve as a guide:
  • On campus residents will also be assigned standard meal plan, which can be changed at a later date (into the first 2 weeks of the semester). Please note SRU will have a new food service vendor, so rates and plans will be finalized.
  • If you have had your required meningitis vaccination, please have the date of vaccination to complete the contract, otherwise, you will have the option to waive online.

Signing the Housing Agreement:

Detailed instructions for signing the agreement are on our website at:

  • If you are unable to log into with your SRU email credentials, or have not been emailed your SRU credentials, contact the HELP Desk at 724.738.HELP (4357).

Future Steps:

  • We will review the occupancy each week and send emails out each Friday to those students who have requested on-campus housing.  As a result, the housing application will be open for you.  
  • Residents should anticipate having a roommate/suitemate(s).  If you have someone in mind you would like to room with, please check with them first to see if they have a housing assignment.  If they do, they will need to email and let her know they are okay with relocating to be with you.
  • Please check your SRU email on a regular basis for updates from the Office of Housing and Residence Life. We are here to help, and will guide you through the process as the next steps are finalized. 
  • At this time, we have double studios and double suites open.  We do not have any 2 single studios, 2 single suites, or 2 single/2 bath suites (and very few 4 single suites).