Residency Requirements and Withdrawals

Residency Requirement For First-Year Students

First-year students (freshmen) are required to reside on campus during their first year of college (both fall and spring semesters) UNLESS they commute from their permanent home address. In this case, a notarized letter from the parents or guardian is to be submitted to the Office of Residence Life after the student has received the housing information. A written response will be sent from Residence Life staff to the parents or legal guardian. First year students twenty-one years of age or older may request to be exempt from the residency requirement.

Term of Contract

The residence hall agreement is for both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year.

Roommate Requests

Roommate requests will be honored before a residence hall preference (either traditional or suite-style) as long as vacancies permit.

Refund Eligibility

  1. Refunds will be credited to your account if there is a balance due from the university.

  2. New Students who have paid the $175 fee and withdraw acceptance of their admission offer by May 1st will receive a full refund. NEW students who withdraw their acceptance of admission offer after May 1st will not be eligible for a refund.

  3. Returning Students who decide to withdraw or transfer from the University after reserving a room for the academic year will forfeit the entire $175 housing fee.

  4. Returning Students who wish to be released from their residence hall agreement must submit a Residence Hall Agreement Release Application before June 1. The $175 fee will be forfeited.

    IMPORTANT: All applications to be released from the residence hall agreement must be submitted, in writing, to the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Students may obtain a Residence Hall Agreement Release Application via the Residence Life website. You will receive a written reply via your campus e-mail from the Office of Housing & Residence Life once the application has been reviewed. If you are released from the residence hall agreement your $175 fee will be forfeited.  Releases are guaranteed when completed before June 1.  This is a binding contract and signing it should not be taken lightly.  Do not sign an off campus agreement until you have received a final decision from the Housing Office.  

  5. If you are a CURRENTLY enrolled student at the University who paid the $175 advance fee to reserve a room for the  academic year and are academically suspended at the end of the current spring semester or summer sessions, you will forfeit the $175 housing fee.

  6. If you leave the University, or are released from university housing after the start of the academic semester, you shall receive any refund due to you in accordance with the University's refund policy. The $175 deposit will be forfeited.


If you withdraw from the University, transfer from the University, are released from your residence hall contract by the Office of Housing & Residence Life, or are academically suspended from the Slippery Rock University at the end of the Fall semester, you will not be entitled to a refund of the $175 fee. IMPORTANT: Because of this agreement is for the fall and spring semesters of the  academic year, if you withdraw from Slippery Rock University during the fall semester for any reason but plan on being readmitted for the spring semester in the same academic year, your residence hall fee will be credited to the spring semester. If you change your mind and do not attend Slippery Rock University during the spring semester, you will forfeit the $175 residence hall fee.

Residence Hall and Room Assignment Notification

If you sign your agreement terms online and pay $175 fee, you will receive your assignment during your orientation session.  The student will also receive an email to let them know their assignment has been made.  Please remember to check your SRU email especially as an incoming freshman.  It is the only way we have to communicate with you.

Residence Hall FEE

The residence hall fee is $175. This residence hall fee will be credited to your account and applied to the spring semester residence hall charges. Residence hall assignments will not be made without the $175 fee.

Housing Release Form

If you need to file a form to get released from your housing contract, it can be found here. Do not sign a lease with an off-campus housing office until you are released from your contract with on-campus housing.