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At SRU, students tackle complex problems and advance the field of chemistry

Chemistry: Computational Chemistry

Offered by: Chemistry

At the intersection of chemistry, physics, mathematics, and computer science, you'll find Computational Chemistry. With powerful technology and a comprehensive understanding of chemical processes, you will be able to tackle complex challenges that will advance your field.

Why Choose Computational Chemistry?

The Computational Chemistry program at SRU will prepare you to utilize the most advanced technology and principles of science to run computational models efficiently before laboratory experimentation begins. It's a crucial part of the contemporary scientific process and allows a team to achieve results in a more accurate and time-effective way.

The Chemistry Program at SRU will provide you with a strong background in chemistry as a result of the following:

  • Small class sizes with high-quality instruction
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • One-on-one work with faculty
  • Hands-on experience with state of the art instruments

What Will You Learn?

The Computational Chemistry program offers you a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education with complementary courses in biology, mathematics, and physics. Small class sizes, research opportunities, and hands-on experience with the most advanced technology will give you the competitive edge as you enter the workforce.

Careers In Computational Chemistry

As a graduate of the Computational Chemistry program, you will have the tools you need to excel in careers such as industrial chemistry, drug design, academia, the medical and pharmacology or pharmaceutical fields, and political lobbying.  You will also be prepared to continue your education with an MS or JD and focus in patent law.