SRU earns badge of distinction for career development


John Rindy working with a student

John Rindy, director of Slippery Rock University’s Office of Career Education and Development, discusses potential career opportunities with Lauren Debiec, a senior health care administration and management major from Aliquippa.

Sept. 18, 2018

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University's collection of badges is quickly rivaling that of any Old West memorabilia collector. Already the recipient this year of three Field of Study badges from Colleges of Distinction for its business, education and nursing programs, SRU was recently awarded a career development badge.

The badge was awarded to the University for "exceeding expectations in the area of career development, equipping students with the self-reflection, job market research and networking skills needed for their lifelong career journey."

College of Distintion Badge

"Institutions with a career development badge not only exhibit high-impact practices in their undergraduate programs, but they also meet further criteria specific to career development and services including integrated career exploration and preparation, accessible programs and training and have career-centered staffs that provide terrific student assessments and beneficial employer relations," said Erin Pettus, vice president of outreach for COD.

"A key measure of success for any university is the degree to which classroom learning, co-curricular engagement and career development learning are integrated and available to learners," said John Rindy, director of SRU's Office of Career Education and Development. "At SRU these are integrated to a high degree. Our students know from their first day on campus that learning is a continuum that extends from the classroom, to the community, to their future career. We are so fortunate to have a campus where all opportunities for student learning are valued and promoted.

"Every year, as I search through LinkedIn, I am excited by the places our graduates go. I think this speaks to how thoughtfully our curriculum is designed for the world of work. Our external advisory boards are always providing feedback from the corporate and nonprofit world that help to drive outcomes. We rely on alumni, as well as our friends in recruitment and talent acquisition to provide insight that we can turn into career development actions by our students.

"Getting hired into a professional job is a matter of being able to answer the question, 'Why should I hire you?' We know that millions of people have college degrees, so we want our students to be reflective and understand why they are uniquely qualified, above other candidates. That requires a high level of engagement and seamless integration with our academic programs."

SRU's Office of Career Education and Development supports students and alumni in their learning and career development through person-to-person appointments, career management tools, speaking events, networking venues, on-campus employer interviews and career expos and job fairs.

The office serves a broad array of stakeholders including students and alumni, faculty and administrators, employers, parents and even community members, tailoring to the needs of each particular group.

COD previously recognized SRU with three "College of Distinction" awards for 2018-19, including National, Regional and Public College of Distinction.

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