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  • SRU dance professor Melissa Teodoro receives Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award 6/26/2024

    Melissa Teodoro, a Slippery Rock University dance professor, received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program award for the 2024-25 academic year from the U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

  • SRU names Troy Miller as vice president for university advancement 6/11/2024

    Slippery Rock University has hired Troy Miller as vice president for university advancement, following a national search. Miller, who previously served as the vice president of development at York College in Pennsylvania, brings more than 30 years of development experience, including a 20-year background in higher education advancement.

  • SRU hires Michael May as vice president for enrollment management 6/10/2024

    Slippery Rock University has hired Michael May as vice president for enrollment management. May, who has served in the role as an interim since March 29, has worked as a director in SRU’s Admission Office for the last 12 years. May was the successful candidate following a national search and he will begin his new role on July 1.

  • SRU hires Ken Bach to lead University Marketing and Communication 5/30/2024

    Slippery Rock University has hired Ken Bach as its senior director of university marketing and communication. Bach will be responsible for all aspects of internal and external communication on behalf of SRU, including media relations, creative editorial and design services, website development, government relations and more. He will lead the staff that comprises SRU’s Office of University Marketing and Communication and he will be the primary media contact and spokesperson for the University. Bach will begin his role at SRU on Sept. 1.

  • SRU presents 2024 President’s Awards and recognizes employee service milestones 4/2/2024

    Slippery Rock University has announced its 2024 President's Awards. These annual awards recognize faculty and staff for their outstanding service and job performance. Each award has its own selection committee, but all the awards are approved and released by the Office of the President.

  • SRU appoints Erin Bryer as interim vice president for university advancement 2/13/2024

    Slippery Rock University today announced that Erin Bryer has been appointed interim vice president for university advancement, effective immediately. Bryer has worked at SRU since 2011 and most recently as director of advancement services and donor communication.

  • SRU professor and former amateur boxer teaches students the sweet science 1/26/2024

    A professor at Slippery Rock University, who won a few amateur boxing championships decades ago, recently had the opportunity to lace up his gloves and teach SRU students a few of the intricacies of his favorite pastime. Dallas Jackson, an associate professor of physical and health education, was recently invited by students in the Mixed Martial Arts Club at SRU, to teach a 90-minute session on boxing. Club members train inside Morrow Field House three days a week during the semester.

  • SRU mourns the loss of Samantha Swift 1/3/2024

    Samantha Swift, Slippery Rock University’s interim vice president of advancement, passed away Dec. 31.

  • SRU professor and alumnus rocks the Tribeca Film Festival as a guitarist with The Vindys 6/13/2023

    The term “rock star” gets thrown around often these days to describe high achievers, such as rock-star professors or rock-star alumni. But every now and then, you come across someone deserving of the title. For John Anthony, a Slippery Rock University music instructor who also graduated from the University, the turn of phrase is quite literal: he’s the lead guitarist for The Vindys, an emerging rock band based in northeast Ohio that is catching a lot of attention for their music, as well as in the film and sports industries.

  • SRU names Mohammad Kazemi director of SRU’s School of Engineering 4/24/2023

    Slippery Rock University Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Zieg today announced that Mohammad Kazemi has been appointed director of SRU’s School of Engineering, effective immediately. In this role, Kazemi will be responsible for leading both the day-to-day operations and development activities of SRU’s four engineering programs.

  • SRU names Nicole Dafoe as dean of the College of Engineering and Science 4/18/2023

    Slippery Rock University today announced the appointment of Nicole Dafoe as the dean of the College of Engineering and Science, effective this summer. Dafoe, who has worked at SRU since 2012, has served as an interim dean since January 2022. Following a nationwide search and recommendation from a University search committee, Dafoe’s appointment was approved by the administration.

  • SRU honors 10 individuals with 2023 President’s Awards 4/4/2023

    Slippery Rock University has announced its 2023 President’s Awards. These annual awards recognize a variety of individuals affiliated with SRU for their service, performance and/or civic engagement. Each award has its own selection committee, but all the awards are approved and released by the Office of the President.

  • SRU’s Rock Life program set for relaunch in fall 2023 2/16/2023

    There’s new life coming to Rock Life, the program at Slippery Rock University for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. After undergoing an external review last year by independent consultants to consider ways to improve the program, Rock Life will be restructured for the fall 2023 semester with new staff and curriculum.

  • SRU’s College of Health Professions creates a vision of collaboration and community engagement  1/5/2023

    Christine Karshin just completed her first semester as dean of Slippery Rock University’s College of Health Professions. The CHP was established for the fall 2022 semester and is SRU’s fifth college. After a semester of working with faculty and administrators,  Karshin has some clear plans for how CHP will serve students, the community and health care employers in the region.  

  • SRU mourns the passing of women’s basketball coach Bobby McGraw 7/11/2022

    Slippery Rock University is mourning the death of head women's basketball coach Bobby McGraw, who passed away unexpectedly Sunday, July 10.

  • SRU researchers are trying to reverse the obesity trend that is up 450% since the 1970s 6/29/2022

    Compared to their parents and grandparents, today’s college students suffer from obesity at much higher rates. Wenhao Liu, a Slippery Rock University professor of physical and health education, and Istvan Kovacs, an SRU associate professor of physical and health education, are trying to understand how to reverse that trend by studying more than 400 students who have taken SRU’s Wellness Through Movement class.

  • SRU names Ursula Payne interim associate provost 6/23/2022

    Slippery Rock University today announced that Ursula Payne will serve as interim associate provost for the 2022-23 academic year. Payne, who is currently a professor of dance, will begin her new administrative role July 18.

  • SRU names Michael Zieg interim provost 5/19/2022

    Slippery Rock University President William Behre today announced that Michael Zieg has been appointed interim provost, effective immediately and extending through the 2022-23 academic year.

  • SRU public health professor studies why adolescents quit using e-cigarettes 5/11/2022

    Researchers continue to study the short-term effects of a public health concern that became dire after a 2019 outbreak, which could have serious long-term health risks. This might sound like COVID-19, but it’s actually the use of e-cigarettes, also known as vaping. Nikhil Ahuja, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of public health and social work, has been studying tobacco control for more than seven years, particularly the use of e-cigarettes, which contain nicotine and have become a problem among youths.

  • SRU professor explains ‘adventure journalism’ in award-winning book 5/9/2022

    There are many intrepid reporters who would consider the way they find and gather stories to be adventurous, but the term “adventure journalism” was coined by a Slippery Rock University professor and her co-editors of a book on the topic, describing the type of reporting that was popular in America during the late 19th century.

  • Presidential Search Committee seeks campus and community input 5/9/2022

    The search process for the next president of Slippery Rock University has begun with the formation of the search committee, an initial search committee meeting, and campus listening sessions with RPA Inc., the search firm retained to assist the University in finding a successor to SRU President William Behre.

  • SRU history professor documents Black activists’ stories with ‘A Brick and a Bible’ 4/26/2022

    When many people traditionally think of the American Midwest, the images of “amber waves of grain” and the stolid farmer come to mind, not groups of women factory workers or Black activists. Melissa Ford, a Slippery Rock University assistant history professor, was raised in Missouri, known as the Show Me State, and she authored a book to help show others that there’s more to the history of Midwestern cities than people, including her, were led to believe.

  • SRU English instructor’s novel about driverless cars, ‘Test Drive,’ set to release 4/13/2022

    Like any emerging technology, driverless cars and autonomous vehicles have certain limitations, with everything from public acceptance and logistical concerns to costs and access. The same goes for people writing about the driverless car sector and describing what’s possible or what could happen in the industry. A Slippery Rock University professor is navigating new roads and contributing new ideas to the topic of driverless cars thanks to his creative outlet of fiction writing.

  • SRU recognizes Micsky and Willford with 2022 President’s Awards for Outstanding Academic Advising 4/8/2022

    Academic advising by a professor is crucial to college students’ success, which is why each year Slippery Rock University recognizes its faculty with the President's Award for Outstanding Academic Advising. There are two winners of the award in 2022, one in the Emerging category, for faculty members with fewer than three years of advising experience, and the Established category, for those with three or more years. Tami Micsky, an assistant professor of public health and social work, is the Emerging winner, and Jennifer Willford, associate professor of psychology, is the Established winner.

  • SRU recognizing civic engagement with three annual President’s Awards 4/4/2022

    Even though civic engagement at a college or university involves contributions from and benefits to large groups from communities, recognizing these efforts requires calling out individuals. That’s why Slippery Rock University annually highlights students, employees and community partners for their civic engagement. The 2022 President’s Awards for Civic Engagement include three citations, the President's Student Civic Leadership Award, President's Civic Engagement Ambassador Award and the President's Community Partner Award, which will be presented at the University’s Celebration of Achievement ceremony, 5-7 p.m., April 5, at the Smith Student Center Ballroom A.

  • SRU honoring Chen and Mistretta with 2022 President’s Awards for Scholarly and Creative Achievement 4/1/2022

    Professors do more than just teach students. There are service and scholarship components to the contributions they make to their professions that sometimes go unnoticed. That’s one of the many reasons why Slippery Rock University recognizes faculty with the President’s Awards for Scholarly and Creative Achievement. The annual award recognizes works from the SRU community that were published, presented, developed or performed in the last three years.

  • SRU recognizes employees for outstanding service and milestones 3/29/2022

    Slippery Rock University recognized several employees for their service to the institution at its Spring Assembly, March 29, in the Smith Student Center Ballroom, including three SRU employees who received the 2022 President's Awards for Outstanding Service.

  • SRU names Christine Karshin as dean of the new College of Health Professions 3/24/2022

    Slippery Rock University today announced the hiring of Christine Karshin as dean of the College of Health Professions. Karshin, who is currently the associate dean of Eastern Michigan University’s College of Health and Human Services, will start her role at SRU June 21.

  • SRU’s Butler SUCCEED seeks project proposals from the community 3/16/2022

    The Slippery Rock University Center for Community Engagement, Empowerment and Development, known as Butler SUCCEED, is inviting Butler County organizations, businesses, individuals or groups to partner together on initiatives to improve the quality of life in the region and consequently encourage young people to reside in the county.

  • SRU President William Behre announces retirement 2/15/2022

    William J. Behre, who was appointed as the 17th president of Slippery Rock University in 2018, has announced his retirement, effective June 30, 2023.

  • SRU professor explains differences between health/physical education and wellness education 2/10/2022

    Gym class has been dismissed and there’s a new way for teaching health and physical education that is now in session. It’s called wellness education, and for the last decade, Slippery Rock University has been changing the way K-12 educators approach what has been traditionally called phys ed, P.E. or gym class.

  • SRU computer science professor awarded a BSSw Fellowship 1/27/2022

    Nitin Sukhija, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of computer science, is among selected national leaders and advocates of high-quality scientific software who was awarded a Better Scientific Software Fellowship, a program that funds activities that “improve developer productivity and software sustainability of scientific codes.”

  • SRU English professor tracking how modern readers engage with medieval text 1/19/2022

    The way people read and engage with text certainly has changed across the history of humanity, from deciphering ancient hieroglyphics drawn on cave walls to scrolling text messages and social media updates on a smartphone. But a Slippery Rock University professor with a background in medieval and early modern literature said there’s one aspect that makes modern readers similar to their ancient or medieval counterparts.

  • University mourns loss of former president, Herb Reinhard Jr. 1/19/2022

    Herb Reinhard Jr., a former Slippery Rock University president, passed away Jan. 13. Reinhard, 91, was president of SRU from 1979-84.

  • SRU professor studies connections between vacant housing and crime 1/4/2022

    Jeffrey Roth was on vacation at North Carolina’s Outer Banks when his mind became filled with questions about empty houses. As a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice, Roth was aware of research that showed the association between vacant housing and crime, particularly in large cities. But seeing unoccupied seasonal housing in beachfront neighborhoods piqued his interest for what that means for different types of communities, not just the overall vacancy and crime rates.

  • SRU professor explains connection between philosophy and science fiction 12/3/2021

    The conversations between Aristotle and Plato at the Academy in ancient Greece might seem worlds or even alternate universes apart from those of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise in “Star Trek.” But there’s a close connection between the study of philosophy and science fiction. According to Lisa Schoenberg, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of philosophy, the science fiction genre is a perfect fit for interpreting philosophical concepts.

  • SRU names Karla Fonner as new dean of students 11/3/2021

    Although the job description varies from campus to campus, the dean of students position in higher education is a person who oversees the care and conduct of students. Until recently, Slippery Rock University did not have a dean of students, but SRU did have staff dedicated to these duties shared between two different offices. That has now changed with Karla Fonner, formerly the director of student support, now assuming the role of dean of students.

  • SRU director of analytics wins Three Rivers Marathon Swim 9/29/2021

    Each day in the office, Kevin McCarthy wades through a river of data in his role as director of analytics and decision support in Slippery Rock University’s Office of Planning, Resource Management and Assessment. So it comes as no surprise that when he’s away from his work he also uses spreadsheets to track one of his leisure activities: open-water swimming. But McCarthy has learned to accept and appreciate uncertainties of open-water swimming, and in doing so, he won his first competitive race, the Three Rivers Marathon Swim, a 30-kilometer swimming race in Pittsburgh, Sept. 11.

  • SRU professors identify ways companies can retain employees 9/16/2021

    Employers across America are struggling to retain workers. “Help Wanted” and “Now Hiring” aren’t just signs in the windows and bold text on job postings, they are indications that employers must improve their organizational cultures to attract and keep talent. According to two Slippery Rock University professors, employers need to transform their workplaces into places that are empowering, inclusive and positive for their employees.

  • SRU dance professor answers multiple calls to serve 8/27/2021

    Two of the most prevalent issues the world is facing today are the COVID-19 pandemic and social inequality, neither of which would seemingly rely on the expertise of a performing arts faculty member. But Ursula Payne, a professor of dance at Slippery Rock University, has confronted both in separate roles that go beyond her job title or contributing in a way that people would generally say is “just doing their part.”

  • SRU’s Hasenpflug recognized for composing 8/6/2021

    f you were to dig up dirt on Andy Hasenpflug, you would find quite the opposite of gossip, but rather acclaim for “Dirt,” a screen dance project for which Hasenpflug composed, arranged and performed the musical score. Hasenpflug, a dance musician and instructor in the Slippery Rock University Dance Department, was recently recognized by the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival for “Dirt” as the winner of “Outstanding Musical Score” in the 2021 AoBFF awards.

  • SRU professor addresses Big Tech and big changes for digital marketing 8/4/2021

    Social media and other forms of digital communication have changed the way people receive messages, providing marketers with seemingly limitless opportunities to reach consumers. But according to a Slippery Rock University professor, there are challenges for communication and marketing professionals that are caused by the power wielded by Big Tech and unethical practices by digital publishers.

  • SRU professor authors books about the illusion of self 7/23/2021

    Cognitive science is the study of thinking, and according to Chris Niebauer, many people have a thinking problem that they try to solve by, well, thinking. Niebauer, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of cognitive science and leadership, authored a book titled “No Self, No Problem” that reached the top 10 in multiple categories on the Amazon Best Seller Rankings. In the book, Niebauer observed how neuroscience is catching up to Buddhism in the agreement that “the self” is an illusion.

  • SRU English instructor wins award; will have novel published 5/14/2021

    Writing a novel and getting it published are no easy tasks. Authors know it takes continual revisions, feedback and grabbing the attention of the right people. After several years of working intermittently on her novel, Jessica Jopp, a Slippery Rock University instructor of English, has turned the corner on producing what she and her publisher hope is a page-turner. Jopp recently won the 2020 Quill Prose Award from Red Hen Press, which includes $1,000 and the publication of her novel, “From the Longing Orchard,” scheduled for release in spring 2023.

  • SRU nurses take on vital role in student health care 5/6/2021

    May 6 is National Nurses Day, a time to recognize the contributions that these health care professionals make to improve people’s health. The Slippery Rock University community could celebrate for an entire month and recognize a day for each of its Student Health Center nurses. But recognition on this occasion is particularly prescribed for two SRU nurses who are hanging up their stethoscopes and retiring after a combined 50 years with the University and nearly 80 years in the profession.

  • SRU recognizes employee service with virtual presentation 4/22/2021

    Even though Slippery Rock University cannot host a large gathering to celebrate employee service because of COVID-10 safety protocols, there are still meaningful contributions that are deserving of recognition. In lieu of its typical Employee Service Recognition ceremony, SRU has posted a video presentation on its website to recognize employees, celebrate milestone work anniversaries, and acknowledge the six recipients of the 2021 President’s Awards for Outstanding Service.

  • SRU’s Miller and Hogue receive President’s Awards for Outstanding Academic Advising 4/6/2021

    For the first the time in the award’s eight-year history, the Slippery Rock University President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Advising has winners in two categories: “Emerging,” for SRU faculty with fewer than three years of advising experience, and “Established,” for those with three or more years. Perhaps fittingly, the 2021 recipients come from two different disciplines but also have two different reasons why they thrive as academic advisers.

  • Six SRU employees recognized for their outstanding service 3/31/2021

    All Slippery Rock University employees had to raise their level of service to meet demands presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, but a few SRU employees particularly rose to the occasion and have been recognized by their peers as outstanding. Given the circumstances of the past year, the 2021 President's Awards for Outstanding Service are being presented to six co-recipients.

  • SRU’s Kuehn lauded for teaching excellence and community building approach 3/15/2021

    Sarah Kuehn knows what it takes to be an excellent teacher, inside and out. As a Slippery Rock University associate professor of criminology and criminal justice, Kuehn even taught an innovative class titled Inside-Out Prison that took SRU students out of the classroom and into a local correctional facility to learn with incarcerated individuals. Kuehn is the 2020-21 recipient of the SRU President’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

  • SRU history professor writes biography of famed Dodgers manager 3/12/2021

    Alan Levy has a good eye for biographies, having twice stepped up to the plate to write the first book about a Hall of Fame baseball manager. Levy’s latest book, about Walter Alston, is the Slippery Rock University history professor’s 12th book, joining a bibliography that includes titles about American sports, music and politics.

  • SRU professor’s book about U.S.-Central America history recognized with President’s Award 2/26/2021

    Thomas Pearcy, a Slippery Rock University professor of history, received the 2021 SRU President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement for his book about U.S. relations with Central America that is required reading for college students in Panama.

  • SRU Student Support Office evolves to meet needs during the pandemic 1/15/2021

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Slippery Rock University recognized the importance of student support by developing systems to assist those encountering challenges, crises and other circumstances that could interfere with their path to success. And while the pandemic may have heightened those barriers, thanks to the continued emergence of SRU’s Student Support Office, the University is not only responding to needs but raising its level of service.

  • SRU psychology professor co-authors book about a new treatment for anorexia 1/8/2021

    Anorexia nervosa affects 4.3% of Americans. Far fewer people suffer from this eating disorder, characterized by an abnormal low body weight and fear of gaining weight, than the 42% of Americans who are clinically obese. But that statistic doesn’t offset anorexia patients’ daily struggle or change their reality, and there is much room for improvement in addressing this condition, according to a Slippery Rock University psychology professor.

  • SRU professor talks about health information management in the pandemic 12/16/2020

    As Americans await the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine, the immunization effort will be a collective effort that the U.S. has never experienced, both in terms of scale and urgency. One group of professionals involved in the process will be those who work in health information management, a field in which Slippery Rock University is preparing students to enter through academic programs within SRU’s Health Care Administration and Information Systems Department.

  • SRU professor provides input about job market trends 10/20/2020

    The job market awaiting aspiring college graduates leads to many questions for those embarking on a career during a global pandemic and economic uncertainty. Zippia, a career-building resource company, recently consulted with a Slippery Rock University professor for answers and published them on the Zippia website.

  • SRU launches Diversity Management Workshop Series for faculty and staff 10/16/2020

    Slippery Rock University is hosting a pair of online workshops for SRU faculty and staff to kick off its new Diversity Management Series, Oct. 20 and Nov. 9.

  • SRU athletic director Paul Lueken announces retirement date 10/15/2020

    After more than 26 years leading the Slippery Rock University Athletic Department, Paul Lueken announced today, Oct. 15, that he will retire from his position as director of athletics at the end of the calendar year.

  • SRU’s Chmielewski transitions to new role prior to January 2021 retirement 9/2/2020

    If you have a Jerry Chmielewski business card, there’s a real chance the job title is completely out of sync with the longtime Slippery Rock University administrator’s current duties. You see, during the course of the past five years, Chmielewski has served the University as a faculty member, interim dean, permanent dean, interim provost, and now, on the eve of capping a 30-year career at SRU, his final title: special assistant to the provost. Chmielewski has announced his retirement from the University in January 2021.

  • SRU recognizes Keller with 2020 President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Advising 7/29/2020

    Jennifer Keller, a Slippery Rock University professor of dance, is the 2020 President's Award for Outstanding Academic Advising. The award, based on student nominations and selected by the president on recommendation from an awards committee, honors extraordinary SRU faculty in their role as academic advisers.

  • SRU professor discusses how face masks affect interpersonal communication 5/20/2020

    Emily Dolan, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of communication, was recently interviewed by WISR-AM, a news talk radio station in Butler, about how the use of face masks has affected interpersonal and nonverbal communication.

  • SRU professor provides restaurant owners advice as webinar panelist 5/13/2020

    Mary Jo Ross, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of hospitality, event management and tourism, was a panelist last week on a webinar for restaurant owners hosted by the Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau.

  • SRU honors three recipients of President’s Awards for Civic Engagement 5/11/2020

    Every year, Slippery Rock University recognizes contributions made by students, faculty, staff and community partners for their civic engagement. With that in mind, SRU recently honored three individuals with the 2020 President’s Awards for Civic Engagement. The annual awards program is organized by the University’s Office for Community-Engaged Learning.

  • SRU researchers measuring benefits of carbon-plated running shoes 4/29/2020

    A faculty-student research team in the SRU Exercise Science and Rehabilitative Sciences Department is conducting a study of the latest carbon-plated running shoes to see how well they’re helping runners hit their strides.

  • SRU wins 12 Collegiate Advertising Awards 4/28/2020

    Twelve entries from Slippery Rock University’s Communication and Public Affairs division earned recognition in the 2019 Collegiate Advertising Awards. The Collegiate Advertising Awards program is a national program that honors marketing professionals for excellence in all forms of advertising, marketing and promotion specific to higher education products and services.

  • SRU’s Kelley receives 2019-20 President’s Award for Teaching Excellence 4/24/2020

    Laura Kelley, Slippery Rock University assistant professor of elementary education and early childhood received the SRU President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for the 2019-20 academic year. The award recognizes a faculty member based on their commitment to teaching beyond contractual obligations, a participatory and engaging pedagogy, developing and using innovative classroom practices and their commitment to scholarly growth.

  • SRU’s Theatre Department creates face masks for on-campus employees 4/23/2020

    Slippery Rock University is literally giving props to its on-campus employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Two members of SRU’s Theatre Department are using fabric from its costume shop to create cloth face masks that essential employees can wear while working on campus.

  • SRU honors Fonner, Campbell with President’s Awards for Outstanding Service 4/22/2020

    Karla Fonner and Mimi Campbell have a combined 41 years working at Slippery Rock University and four degrees as SRU alumnae. Now they share the distinction as co-recipients of the 2020 President’s Awards for Outstanding Service.

  • SRU honors Salas Camus with President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement 4/10/2020

    Pedro Salas Camus, a Slippery Rock University instructor of modern languages and cultures, wrote a book, “2666: en búsqueda de la totalidad perdida,” that earned him the 2019-20 SRU President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement. The award recognizes works from the SRU community that were published, presented, developed or performed in the last three years.

  • Zarit co-authors article published in Economics & Politics 3/25/2020

    Matthew Zarit, a Slippery Rock University instructor of political science, co-authored an article that was published in Economics & Politics.

  • SRU instructor and full-time police officer discusses ‘COPS’ on show anniversary 3/11/2020

    The television show “COPS” debuted 31 years ago, documenting police officers as they go about their jobs. A Slippery Rock University instructor and full-time police officer reflects on the show and its impact on society.

  • Pease-Hernandez selected to teach communication course in Spain 3/5/2020

    Christine Pease-Hernandez, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of communication, was selected by the Consortium for Transatlantic Studies and Scholarships to teach a communication course for college students in Spain.

  • Ruppert's 'Savage Lands' performed by Red Masquers 2/20/2020

    Timothy Ruppert, a Slippery Rock University instructor of English, wrote a play, "Savage Lands: A Colonial Comedy," that is being performed by the Duquesne University Red Masquers, an amateur theater company in Pittsburgh.

  • SRU professors reflect on 135th anniversary of Huckleberry Finn 2/18/2020

    “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” published 135 years ago today, Feb. 18, is considered by many literary experts, including professors at Slippery Rock University, to be one of the greatest novels in American history.

  • Ross appointed to AHLEI advisory council 2/17/2020

    Mary Jo Ross, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of hospitality, event management and tourism, was appointed by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute to its Education Certification Advisory Council.

  • SRU professor discusses changes as Facebook platform turns “Sweet 16” 2/4/2020

    Facebook was launched Feb. 4, 2004, and during the last 16 years it has changed the way people communicate and market their businesses, according to a Nazmul Rony, a Slippery Rock University assistant professor of communication.

  • SRU to digitize complete collection of Saxigena yearbooks 1/2/2020

    A project to digitize the entire collection of Slippery Rock University yearbooks is underway thanks to the support and efforts of faculty, staff and student workers from Bailey Library’s Archives and Special Collections departments, and funding from the SRU Alumni Association.

  • SRU professor shares travel expertise for New Year’s holiday 12/23/2019

    New Year’s Eve is a popular holiday for going out. According to WalletHub, more than three quarters of Americans ring in the new year away from home. WalletHub chose Mary Jo Ross, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of hospitality, event management and tourism, as an expert contributor for its article, “Best Places for New Year’s Eve Celebrations.”

  • SRU names Abbey Zink provost and vice president for academic affairs 12/12/2019

    Abbey Zink, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, was today named provost and vice president for academic affairs at Slippery Rock University.

  • SRU International Week showcases students’ culture from across the globe 11/15/2019

    Slippery Rock University’s international students will be sharing a piece of their homes with the campus community during a weeklong celebration showcasing their cultures when the 45th Annual International Week kicks off Nov. 17.

  • APSCUF members to vote on tentative agreement Nov. 11–13 11/5/2019

    Faculty members at state-owned universities will vote Nov. 11-13 on whether or not to ratify a tentative contract agreement that was finalized last week with Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

  • SRU class will steer students to explore driverless cars 7/26/2019

    If his career as a Slippery Rock University English instructor doesn’t pan out, Patrick McGinty may want to consider becoming an investigator.

  • SRU deploys first robotic lawn mower 7/8/2019

    As soon as they saw it traversing the courtyard outside the Smith Student Center at Slippery Rock University, passersby started asking Dallas Cott questions: “What is that?,” “What’s it doing?,” “Is that what I think it is?” and “Is that a … mower?”

  • SRU faculty and students recommend summer leisure books 6/21/2019

    Whether it’s on a beach or in your own backyard, the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” are a great time to engage in leisure reading.

  • Papa named PSAC Coach of the Year 6/11/2019

    John Papa, Slippery Rock University head track and field coach, was named the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Women's Outdoor Track and Field Coach of the Year in an announcement from the league office.

  • SRU mourns loss of ‘elder statesperson’ Wilma Cavill 5/20/2019

    It’s been almost four years since the Slippery Rock University community said goodbye to Wilma Cavill.

  • SRU professor puts a new spin on table tennis research 4/30/2019

    When Istvan Kovacs was 11 years old he watched the Hungarian national table tennis team upset perennial powerhouse China in the world championships. His appreciation of the sport only grew when his father set up a table for him and friends to learn from the players they watched on television.

  • Nightingale coauthors two Microsoft Office textbooks 4/22/2019

    Jennifer Nightingale, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of business, has coauthored two textbooks, "Your Office: Microsoft Office 365, Excel 2019 Comprehensive" and "Your Office: Microsoft Office 365, Access 2019 Comprehensive."

  • SRU recognizes pair with President’s Awards for Outstanding Service 4/12/2019

    Patti Doyle doesn’t offer many words to describe her dedicated service to Slippery Rock University or the fact it often goes beyond expectations. Then again, she doesn’t have to – she lets her work speak for itself.

  • SRU’s Leight captures the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Advising 4/12/2019

    Joanne Leight knows how important it is for faculty to serve as one-on-one mentors for students and how that relationship impacts their role as academic advisers. As a Slippery Rock University professor of physical and health education and department chair, Leight guides anywhere from 20-40 students each academic year through the advising process.

  • Larson earns CISSP certification 4/12/2019

    Stephen Larson, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of business, recently became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional after he completed a course and passed an exam developed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

  • SRU’s Thomas captures President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching 4/10/2019

    Becky Thomas knows that just sharing subject matter with her students alone does not make her an effective teacher.

  • SRU’s Barnett receives President’s Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement 4/9/2019

    Brett Barnett is proof that one cannot be timid when approaching scholarly or creative work, especially when that work examines societal problems and grim realities.

  • Bicehouse and Mild co-author article for AAEE handbook 4/8/2019

    Vaughn Bicehouse and Toni Mild, Slippery Rock University assistant professors of special education, co-authored an article that will be published in the American Association for Employment in Education's "2020 Job Search Handbook for Educators."

  • SRU will see nonprofit ‘stars’ shine at upcoming award ceremony 4/2/2019

    Taking a cue from the award celebrations in Hollywood, Slippery Rock University will roll out a red carpet for local “celebrities” when the 7th Annual Nonprofit Organization Academy Awards Dinner and Gala takes place at 6:30 p.m., April 24.

  • Lubinski conducts presentation at Homeland Security office 3/27/2019

    Susan Lubinski, a Slippery Rock University associate professor of homeland and corporate security studies, recently was invited to speak at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Region 3 Office in Philadelphia.

  • SRU plans Statistical Consulting Center to assist University researchers 12/6/2018

    Slippery Rock University’s Mathematics and Science Department is creating a Statistical Consulting Center to assist SRU faculty and students, and potentially the community, with statistical training and advice with research projects that involve quantitative analysis.

  • SRU’s Arnhold recognized for writing grants exceeding $5 million 12/4/2018

    Each year Slippery Rock University’s Office of Grants, Research and Sponsored Programs honors faculty and staff who write grants to fund research and programs from external sources.

  • SRU faculty observe 155th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address 11/19/2018

    Seven score and 15 years ago, Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address at a dedication of a military cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where four months earlier the decisive battle of the American Civil War was fought.

  • SRU counseling center offers new group therapy options 10/30/2018

    Slippery Rock University’s Student Counseling Center, a safe haven that supports and promotes each individual’s psychological, academic and holistic health, has begun offering new group counseling sessions for students.

  • SRU business professor leading Enneagram workshop Nov. 7 10/23/2018

    John Golden, assistant professor of business at Slippery Rock University, often paraphrases business author Stephen Covey’s quote, “the deepest need of the human soul is to be understood,” while teaching and consulting.

  • SRU professor coaches 90-year-old father at World Masters track and field meet 10/3/2018

    It’s not unusual to see dads coaching their sons and daughters. What is unusual is a son coaching his dad. Rarer still is the opportunity for the duo to compete on an international level among the world’s oldest athletes.

  • SRU Symphonic Wind Ensemble to perform first concert of the season 10/2/2018

    Fall has arrived and with it the sounds of rustling leaves, whistling trees and … flutes, piccolos and oboes?

  • SRU research project comes to a head thanks to NSF grant 10/1/2018

    There’s some heady research going on at Slippery Rock University that could help humans wrap their brains around what’s holding all their gray matter together.

  • SRU mailroom handles thousands of student deliveries with care 9/28/2018

    Packages arriving for Slippery Rock University students come in all shapes and sizes. The University mailroom handles everything from care packages sent from parents to online orders for textbooks, futons, televisions and flowers, as well as the belongings of the occasional student who has everything shipped to campus on move-in day rather than packing a car.

  • SRU’s Snyder shares tips on authoring children’s book 9/28/2018

    Robert Snyder first considered writing children’s books when he was an elementary school teacher in the mid-1990s.

  • SRU recognizes Women and Allies of Distinction recipients 9/27/2018

    Slippery Rock University will recognize five recipients of the Women and Allies of Distinction Awards as part of the 32nd annual Leadership and Mentoring Dinner.

  • SRU Professional Development Day to explore community engagement 9/27/2018

    Community engagement is essential for public institutions like Slippery Rock University fulfill their mission to serve the greater good.

  • SRU plans “Emergency Management Preparedness Day” 9/24/2018

    Slippery Rock University staff and faculty are being encouraged to participate in the University’s inaugural Professional Development Day focused entirely on campus safety.

  • SRU announces faculty promotions 9/21/2018

    Slippery Rock University reported today to the council of trustees that the following faculty have been promoted:

  • SRU announces new tenured faculty 9/21/2018
  • SRU warns campus community to steer clear of ‘phishy’ emails 9/10/2018

    With October just around the corner, people’s thoughts will quickly be turning to warm apple cider, pumpkins and trick-or-treating. But at Slippery Rock University, John Ziegler will be thinking about cyber security.

  • SRU’s new associate provost emphasizes “all-global” mindset 9/5/2018

    As an American traveling to China to teach English in 2000, Sam Heikinen figured he’d be there for 10 months and then return home to Michigan where he had just graduated from college

  • ‘Rock 30’ campaign encourages campus community to exercise 8/22/2018

    A new campaign initiated by Slippery Rock University’s Office of Campus Recreation is aiming to combat the “Freshman 15,” a common term for how many extra pounds American students typically gain during their first year of college. Enter “Rock 30.”

  • SRU mourns passing of Michelle McCollin, professor and Eyes4Africa founder 8/13/2018

    In one of her last public messages, which Michelle McCollin posted to her Facebook page last month, she told friends and family to “be well, be blessed, be safe, be courageous, be brave” and to “live your best life always.” McCollin, associate professor of special education at Slippery Rock University, lived her “best life always” as an educator, scholar, humanitarian and philanthropist, but she did so by always bringing out the best in others and helping them live their best lives.

  • SRU professor completes Fulbright program in Sri Lanka 8/7/2018

    For Barbara Billek-Sawhney, Slippery Rock University professor of physical therapy, the three-year process of becoming a Fulbright scholar was well worth the effort.

  • Hydroponic garden adds new produce opportunities at Boozel 8/1/2018

    Slippery Rock University’s commitment to being “green” and reducing its carbon footprint has been well documented. In fact, the University was ranked among the world's most environmentally friendly colleges and universities earlier this year.

  • SRU professor’s research grant helps two high school students 7/24/2018

    Two high school students will be conducting scientific research this summer at Slippery Rock University. It’s an opportunity that’s coveted by college students interested in graduate school and extremely rare for teenagers who have yet to fill out their first college application.

  • SRU communication professor presents at pragmatism conference in Finland 7/11/2018

    An American journalism professor may seem out of place at a philosophy conference in Finland, but not if that person is Joseph Harry.

  • SRU welcomes Behre as University president 7/2/2018

    Slippery Rock University today welcomed William Behre as the institution's 17th president.

  • SRU’s Kush embarks on three-continent teaching, performing tour 6/13/2018

    You’ll have to forgive Slippery Rock University professor of music and professional saxophonist Jason Kush if he looks a little bewildered should you ask him if he’s getting a lot of rest during the University’s summer break. Instead of lounging by the pool, Kush, is taking his expertise and instrument on the road to lecture, teach and perform on three different continents: North and South America and Europe.

  • SRU library professor receives grant to learn from Irish archivists 6/11/2018

    Ireland is known among librarians as a leading country for archival practices, from preserving ancient manuscripts to digitizing records. This summer a professor and archivist from Slippery Rock University is going to the Emerald Isle to learn the secrets of the craft and bring back ideas to benefit SRU and its students.

  • SRU art instructor breathes life into painting at show 6/1/2018

    Close your eyes. Now imagine you’re sitting in front of an easel and painting. Each time you take a breath, take a brushstroke. You might not know it, but you’d be practicing the “one breath/one line” method. It’s a method that one Slippery Rock University art instructor recently demonstrated during a show hosted by Oberlin College and Conservatory’s Dance Department.

  • SRU ramps up summer construction schedule 5/29/2018

    Summertime is always prime time for construction and campus improvement projects at Slippery Rock University. While the timing of the projects this summer is not as aggressive as previous summers, there still will be plenty of work to be done before fall classes begin Aug. 27.

  • SRU’s Nicholls elected to The Education Partnership board of directors 5/22/2018

    Jeananne Nicholls, Slippery Rock University professor of business, was recently voted to the board of directors for The Education Partnership, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that provides school supplies to students and teachers in southwestern Pennsylvania.

  • SRU to host H.E.A.R.O. spring conference 5/16/2018

    Slippery Rock University will host the 11th annual Higher Education Accounts Receivable Organization conference from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., May 22, in the Smith Student Center.

  • SRU adds more AEDs to campus’ life-saving inventory 5/9/2018

    Thanks to the purchase of 17 additional automated external defibrillators, bystanders at Slippery Rock University have even more tools to respond immediately should someone suffer a cardiac arrest.

  • Cavill endows safety management scholarship at SRU 4/26/2018

    Wilma Cavill, retired Slippery Rock University assistant professor of safety management, has made a $25,000 gift to the University to endow a scholarship that will provide financial assistance to SRU safety management majors.

  • SRU gathers feedback following emergency drill 4/26/2018

    Although an “All Clear” alert was issued to indicate the conclusion of an April 19 emergency drill at Slippery Rock University, efforts to keep the campus safe and assess the University’s emergency preparedness will continue.

  • SRU rolls out red carpet for nonprofit “stars” at upcoming gala 4/11/2018

    When attendees arrive for the 2018 Nonprofit Organization Academy Awards Dinner and Gala at Slippery Rock University’s Russell Wright Alumni House, the red carpet will literally be rolled out for them, and with good reason.

  • SRU establishes computer purchasing policy for faculty and staff 3/30/2018

    Slippery Rock University has approved a new Computer Purchasing Policy that applies to faculty and staff to ensure that they have appropriate hardware to perform their assigned responsibilities, while also accounting for the proper use of the University’s resources.

  • New policy allows SRU students to choose first name 3/29/2018

    – Slippery Rock University has approved a new policy that allows students to choose a first name, instead of their legal name, to identify themselves on certain campus documents and systems.

  • SRU to honor staff, present President’s awards April 10th 3/27/2018

    Aaron Cowan, associate professor of history, will be presented with the President's Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement; and Debra Pincek, executive director for academic and student affairs resources, and Brian Ringler, semi-skilled laborer for grounds and services, will be presented with the President's Award for Outstanding Service at 12:30 p.m., April 10 in the Smith Student Center Ballroom as part of Slippery Rock University's "Celebration of Excellence" month activities.

  • SRU names new Office of Disability Services director 3/8/2018

    When Natalie Burick moved into her new job as Slippery Rock University’s director of disability services, she didn’t have to travel far. The Office of Disability Services is located in the University Union, directly across a parking lot from Watson Hall, where Burick previously served as the University’s assistant director for housing and accommodations in the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

  • Grant helps SRU faculty and staff pursue professional development opportunities abroad 3/8/2018

    Slippery Rock University provides opportunities for its students to travel abroad and develop intercultural skills, so it makes sense that the University also would encourage its faculty and professional staff to seek international experiences.

  • Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation kicks off SRU’s “Celebration of Excellence” activities 2/26/2018

    Slippery Rock University will honor thousands of students, and present the winners of the President's Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Outstanding Academic Advising, as part of the University's Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation. The annual event, which kicks off the University's month-long "Celebration of Excellence," will take place at 1:30 p.m., April 7 in Morrow Field House.

  • SRU grounds crew defends the campus from winter’s wrath 1/25/2018

    During winter, Edward Grossman’s sleep schedule is that of an expectant father. As the grounds staff supervisor at Slippery Rock University, Grossman is the person who makes the first call in the middle of the night to begin the unenviable task of removing ice and snow in order to keep students, faculty and staff safe and the University running smoothly.

  • Weather delays and class cancellations are “snow” problem at SRU 1/23/2018

    Severe winter weather can affect your daily routine, especially when it can cause the delay or cancellation of classes, work and events. Even though the weather can be unpredictable, there are procedures and resources in place at Slippery Rock University to keep the campus community in the know and to maintain the safety of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

  • SRU names interim vice president for advancement 1/12/2018

    Slippery Rock University Interim President Philip Way today announced that Amir Mohammadi, SRU vice president for finance, administration and advancement services would assume additional duties as the interim vice president for advancement.

  • SRU workshop develops leaders based on their strengths 1/8/2018

    A recent leadership workshop for Slippery Rock University employees began with attendees signing their name five times with their dominant hand and five times with their nondominant hand.

  • SRU's Thangiah receives Talk Magazine "Minority Achiever" award 11/16/2017

    Sam Thangiah, professor of computer science at Slippery Rock University, was honored at the 2017 Talk Magazine Minority Achievers Award Reception, Nov. 10, in Pittsburgh.

  • SRU music faculty offer recital Oct. 12 10/11/2017

    Slippery Rock University’s music department faculty will present their 7th annual Faculty Collaborative Recital at 12:30 p.m., Oct. 12 at SRU’s Swope Recital Hall.

  • SRU Professional Development Day to focus on student success 10/3/2017

    Each year when Slippery Rock University hosts its Professional Development Day for faculty and staff, there are typically a dozen or so breakout sessions led by SRU colleagues who present about a topic related to a theme. This year, that number has swelled to a record 36 sessions.

  • Way shares his vision for interim presidency with SRU 9/7/2017

    In describing the footing on which Slippery Rock University stands, Interim President Philip Way temporarily slipped into the role of a financial adviser: “The portfolio is doing quite nicely, thank you very much,” he said with a laugh. That set the tone for Way’s remarks during his State of the University Address Thursday in front of a gathering filled with faculty, staff and students inside the Smith Student Center Ballroom.

  • State employee annual giving campaign begins Sept. 5 9/1/2017

    When people show their generosity and kindness, hope takes root. That's why the theme of this year's Pennsylvania State Employee Combined Appeal is "Sow Compassion, Grow Hope." The annual charitable fundraising campaign for state employees, which includes employees at Slippery Rock University, kicks off Sept. 5.

  • New faculty learn about SRU during three-day orientation 8/23/2017

    Before they get to know their students, new faculty at Slippery Rock University are getting to know their institution. SRU’s 23 new tenure track faculty and 104 temporary faculty participated in the new faculty orientation program, Aug. 21-23 at the Russell Wright Alumni House and Conference Center.

  • SRU library technician paints his way into renowned exhibition 7/25/2017

    No matter if it’s rain, shine or stink bug season, Kevin McLatchy can usually be found outdoors, sketching the sloping horizons surrounding his New Wilmington home. And while the SRU library technician enjoys going about his craft in relative anonymity around western Pennsylvania, in the greater Youngstown, Ohio area, McLatchy is a celebrated painter at one of the most prestigious art exhibitions in the country.

  • SRU pair grabs gold at state pickleball championship 7/24/2017

    Competition is in Gino Cicconi’s blood. From timing his jogs around the neighborhood to shooting baskets against college students, the Slippery Rock University information technology technician has always enjoyed the thrill of a good rivalry, whether it’s with himself or others.

  • SRU’s Nicholls named vice president of Pittsburgh’s AMA chapter 7/7/2017

    Slippery Rock University associate professor of business Jeananne Nicholls has been named vice president of collegiate relations of the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Marketing Association.

  • SRU’s Payne named to American College Dance Association’s board 5/26/2017

    Ursula Payne, professor of dance at Slippery Rock University, has been named to a second three-year term on the American College Dance Association’s board of directors.

  • SRU names Dan Bauer dean of the College of Liberal Arts 5/25/2017

    Slippery Rock University has hired Dan Bauer as dean of the College of Liberal Arts. He will join the University July 3.

  • LUNCH IS SERVED 5/16/2017

    AVI Fresh, the University's contracted food service provider, has announced operating hours for the summer months: Boozel Dining Hall will be open for breakfast (7-9 a.m.), lunch (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) and dinner (5-6:30 p.m.), Monday through Friday; Starbucks will be open 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, beginning May 17. In addition, AVI will be offering a lunchtime delivery service, available to anyone on campus. The service will be available from 11:30 a.m. to noon and 12:30-1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Orders can be placed by calling: 724.738.4529. Orders must be placed by 10:30 a.m. A complete menu is available at: www.aviserves.com/sru.

  • SRU Student Veterans group seeks donations for service dog 5/10/2017

    Much has been said, written and researched about the bond between people and their pets. Nowhere is that tie stronger than when a service animal is involved.

  • SRU emergency drill set for April 26 4/21/2017

    If you see police cars, ambulances and fire trucks racing to Slippery Rock University April 26, don’t panic. It’s all part of an emergency drill the University is conducting to test the readiness of campus should such an incident happen in the future. The drill will run from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

  • SRU to stage campus emergency drill April 26 4/11/2017

    Slippery Rock University has scheduled a campus emergency drill that will occur between 8:30-10:30 a.m., April 26. The drill is an opportunity for the University and local authorities to practice protocols in case of a campus emergency.

  • SRU names Chmielewski dean of the College of Health, Environment and Science 4/3/2017

    Jerry Chmielewski, Slippery Rock University’s interim dean for the College of Health, Environment and Science, has been named to the permanent position effective July 1, 2017. He has been serving in the interim role since June 29, 2015.

  • SRU’S Steigerwalt to serve on State System BOG 3/28/2017

    Slippery Rock Student Government Association President Logan Steigerwalt has been confirmed as one of three student leaders to serve on the Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education.

  • SRU trustees approve new degree program; view presentation on Jamaican Carebreak; and approve archeology lab naming 3/24/2017

    Slippery Rock University's council of trustees voted to approve an entry-level doctoral degree, as well as the naming of an archeology lab.

  • SRU Trustees send occupational therapy program to BOG for approval 3/24/2017

    Slippery Rock University's council of trustees voted to advance an entry-level doctoral degree in occupational therapy program to Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education board of governors for approval.

  • SRU Communication and Public Affairs Office wins 18 national Educational Advertising awards 3/22/2017

    Slippery Rock University's Office of University Communication and Public Affairs staff have won 18 national Educational Advertising Awards for communication projects, including posters, magazine ads and videos promoting a variety of campus events.

  • SRU’s Office of Communication and Public Affairs wins 10 national Collegiate Advertising Awards 3/21/2017

    Slippery Rock University's Office of University Communication and Public Affairs staff has captured 10 Gold, Silver and Bronze 2016 Collegiate Advertising Awards.

  • SRU Office of Communication and Public Affairs captures nine CUPPIE awards 3/20/2017

    It has been said that variety is the spice of life. The old adage apparently holds true in the world of awards as well as six staffers and two student works from Slippery Rock University's Office of Communication and Public Affairs, captured nine CUPPIE Awards presented by CUPRAP, the creative excellence in marketing and communications organization, as part of its annual awards competition March 9 in Hershey.

  • SRU to present President’s awards March 28 3/14/2017

    Brian Danielson, director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Technology, and Courtney Gramlich, manager of Storm Harbor Equestrian Center, will be presented with the President's Award for Outstanding Service; and Alan Levy, professor of history, with the President's Award for Scholarly and Creative Achievement at 12:30 p.m., March 28 in the Smith Student Center Ballroom as part of Slippery Rock University's "Celebration of Excellence" month activities.

  • Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation kicks off SRU’s “excellence” activities 2/17/2017

    Slippery Rock University will honor more than 3,000 students, as well as present the winners of the President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Academic Advising, as part of the University’s Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation. The annual event, which kicks off the University’s month-long “Celebration of Excellence,” will take place at 1:30 p.m., March 25 in Morrow Field House.

  • SRU names Wilson associate provost for transformational experiences 1/30/2017

    Brad Wilson, Slippery Rock University’s interim associate provost for transformational experiences, has been named to the permanent position effective Jan. 10, 2017. He had served in the interim role for the past two years.

  • BOG approves contracts with faculty, coaches, nurses, police and security officers 12/20/2016

    The Board of Governors of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education today approved new collective bargaining agreements with unions representing faculty, coaches and nurses at the 14 state-owned universities. The BOG also approved a “wage reopener” for campus police and security officers and a two-year merit pool for nonrepresented employees.

  • Nominations sought for Syed Ali-Zaidi Award for Academic Excellence 11/29/2016

    Nominations for the 2017 Syed Ali-Zaidi Award for Academic Excellence, presented by Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, are being accepted through Dec. 9.

  • SRU’s Ursula Payne to head Frederick Douglass Institute 11/21/2016

    Ursula Payne, Slippery Rock University professor of dance, has been named the new director of SRU’s arm of the Frederick Douglass Institute Collaborative.


    For its work in championing inclusion of athletes with intellectual disabilities through sports and providing critical resources and program support, Special Olympics Pennsylvania named Slippery Rock University its first "Unified Sports Center of Excellence" Nov. 15. The recognition was part of SOP's Youth Summit, a day-long leadership program for western Pennsylvania students with and without intellectual disabilities. (From left) James Preston, assistant dean of College of Education; Keith Dils, dean of College of Education; Wendy Fagan, instructor of physical and health education; Robert Arnhold, professor of physical and health education; Pamela Arnhold, assistant professor of physical health and education; and Matt Aaron, chief executive officer, Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

  • State System ready for pivotal weekend bargaining sessions with faculty union; updates student FAQs 10/13/2016

    Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education will continue negotiations with APSCUF as bargaining sessions resume Oct. 14 and are expected to continue through the weekend. The System has updated its negotiations website with an expanded list of frequently asked questions received from students over the past week.

  • Innovation and creativity come together for SRU’s Faculty and Guest Artist Dance Concert 10/12/2016

    Several genres of dance will come together for one special performance as Slippery Rock University dance faculty and students bring new choreography and music to life at the Oct. 16 Faculty and Guest Artist Dance Concert at Butler County Community College’s Succop Theater.

  • President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching seeking nominations 10/7/2016

    Ask any number of students, faculty or staff members at Slippery Rock University which instructor best exemplifies excellence in teaching and you’re likely to get just as many different answers.

  • State System, APSCUF coaches continue making progress toward new agreement 10/6/2016

    Negotiators from Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and the union that represents athletic coaches at the 14 state-owned universities continue to make progress toward a new agreement.

  • State System, APSCUF continue negotiations, make some progress toward agreement 9/30/2016

    Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has advanced negotiations with its faculty union, making some progress toward an agreement. 

“APSCUF returned to the bargaining table today at our urging, and we are encouraged by the progress we made,” said State System spokesman Kenn Marshall. “We are trying to modernize a decades-old faculty union contract to reflect the needs of 21st century students and universities, while maintaining the majority of the language necessary to ensure students continue to receive the highest quality education.”

  • State System and APSCUF resume negotiations 9/27/2016

    Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education and the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties will resume negotiations Sept. 29 in Harrisburg.

  • SRU announces tenure appointments, promotions 9/22/2016

    Slippery Rock University officials today announced faculty tenure and promotions effective with the fall 2016 semester.

  • SRU’s Snyder pens ‘What is a Veteran, Anyway?’ 9/20/2016

    Drawing on his own experience as a soldier in the U.S. Army, as well as an educator, Robert Snyder, Slippery Rock University professor of elementary education, has written a children’s book explaining the veteran experience. “What is a Veteran, Anyway?” will be published Sept. 26 by Blue Marlin Publications. The book’s publishing was timed to precede Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

  • SRU’s names first ‘da Vinci Faculty Fellow’ 9/16/2016

    In an effort to expand undergraduate research; scholarship and creative activity; and strengthen collaboration between academic departments, Slippery Rock University has named Heike Hartmann, associate professor of geography, geology and the environment, as its first “da Vinci Faculty Fellow.”

  • State System addresses faculty union negotiations 8/11/2016

    Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education continues to bargain in good faith with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, the union that represents faculty at the 14 state-owned universities. The two sides have met 18 times since negotiations began last year with the latest session concluding Aug. 10.

  • SRU amends University smoking policy 6/28/2016

    Slippery Rock University has amended the language of its smoking policy to better communicate where smoking is allowed on campus and what steps are to be taken in regard to violations of the policy. The policy applies to all University employees, students, guests and contractors.

  • Boggs explores ‘Pennsylvania Blues’ in new book 6/23/2016

    Inspired by his life experience and observation of contemporary culture, the struggle to attain spiritual purity amid the darker instincts of human nature is the focal point of “Pennsylvania Blues,” a new book of poetry by William Boggs, Slippery Rock University professor of English.

  • Keller named interim dean for College of Liberal Arts 6/10/2016

    Slippery Rock University Provost Philip Way has named Jennifer Keller as the interim dean for the College of Liberal Arts.

  • State System details latest contract offer to faculty union 6/10/2016

    Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education today detailed its latest offer for a new collective bargaining agreement with the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, the union that represents faculty at the 14 state-owned universities. The two sides exchanged proposals June 9.

  • SRU names David Wilmes associate provost for student success 5/31/2016

    David Wilmes, dean of student success at Marymount University, has been named associate provost for student success at Slippery Rock University. He will join the University July 11.

  • History professor’s book explores urban tourism 5/10/2016

    When the western Pennsylvania steel industry collapsed in the 1970s and 1980s, the Pittsburgh region began reshaping its image in an attempt to battle back from the economic woes of deindustrialization.

  • SRU names Steve Small men’s soccer coach 5/5/2016

    Slippery Rock University athletic director Paul Lueken has announced that Steve Small has been named the head coach of SRU’s men’s soccer team. "We're pleased to welcome Steve to the University and to the athletic department," said Lueken. "He knows the rigors of our difficult conference and what it takes to thrive in such a competitive environment. I have the utmost confidence that Steve will maintain the program's success and its proud tradition."

  • SRU’s ‘Rising Stars’ shine bright at award ceremony 4/28/2016

    Imagine gazing up into the evening sky and wishing upon your very own star. For a group of Slippery Rock University students, that idea has become reality after being recognized as stars themselves at the 2015-16 “Rising Star Ceremony” April 27 in the Smith Student Center.

  • ‘WOW’-ing the crowd is a group effort 4/25/2016

    When 1,500 new students descend upon Slippery Rock University this fall, they’ll be greeted by 500 or so volunteers that will unload cars, carry boxes and provide the students’ with their first, “welcome to SRU we’re glad you’re here.”

  • On-campus visits set for SRU associate provost candidates 4/21/2016

    Slippery Rock University’s associate provost for student success search committee has announced that six candidates for the open position will visit campus over a two-week period beginning April 26.

  • Steigerwalt re-elected SGA president 4/13/2016

    Logan Steigerwalt, a Slippery Rock University junior marketing major from Northampton, was elected to a second term as president of the Slippery Rock Student Government Association. Steigerwalt defeated challenger Rebecca Sheriff, a junior hospitality major from Friedens, by almost a 2-1 margin. The final count was 966-473 for the incumbent.

  • Slippery Rock University freezes six student fees;Council of Trustees approve new degree program 3/18/2016

    Slippery Rock University President Cheryl Norton told the Council of Trustees at today’s business meeting the University was freezing student fees for traditional housing, parking, health services, the student center, student recreation and student life enhancement for the 2016-17 academic year.

  • Rocky’s patrons fill ‘Belly,’ gain reward points 3/4/2016

    Students at Slippery Rock University can now get more than great food when they visit Rocky’s Grill in the Smith Student Center. Thanks to a new app – Belly – each visit can earn the user reward points that can be redeemed for a variety of items.

  • SRU launches redesigned mySRU March 9 3/4/2016

    The Slippery Rock University community will see a fresh look to the mySRU portal the evening of March 9 when the site is officially relaunched. Users should note that due to the relaunch, mySRU will be unavailable from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 9.

  • Highmark offers SRU members free ID protection 3/4/2016

    Slippery Rock University Highmark Blue Shield members are now able to take advantage of free identification protection through AllClear ID.

  • SRU’s Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation kicks off “Salute to Excellence” activities 3/3/2016

    Slippery Rock University will honor more than 2,900 students, as well as present the winners of the President’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Academic Advising, as part of the Academic Honors and Student Leadership Convocation at 1:30 p.m., March 19 in Morrow Field House. The event is the first in a series of activities focusing on excellence at SRU.

  • State system offers protection of minors training 2/26/2016

    Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education is finalizing online protection of minors training for employees of its 14 institutions. Slippery Rock University employees will receive an email from the President’s Office in the next few weeks providing instructions about the training, said Holly McCoy, SRU assistant vice president for diversity and equal opportunity/Title IX coordinator.

  • SRU creates new ‘da Vinci Faculty Fellow’ position 2/26/2016

    Slippery Rock University is creating a “da Vinci Faculty Fellow” position to help expand undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity and strengthen collaboration between departments. The fellow, who will be selected from among existing faculty, will also work to promote minority faculty and student involvement in research and international partnerships.

  • Rock vies for international agreement A-list 2/18/2016

    One of the indexes of academic prestige is the quantity and depth of agreements a University operates with international institutions, said Brad Wilson, SRU interim provost for transformational experiences.

  • SRU student-faculty researchers to visit ‘emerging’ China 2/15/2016

    Any real estate agent will tell you there are only three things that matter in property: location, location, location.

  • SRU’s BFSA to host inaugural networking event 2/10/2016

    Slippery Rock University’s Black Faculty and Staff Association will host its inaugural networking event beginning at noon, Feb. 13 in the Alumni House.

  • SRU password compliance program begins Feb. 24 2/5/2016

    When it comes to online security, authentication is key and that begins with having a proper password. As Slippery Rock University moves toward a single login, password protection becomes even more critical.

  • SRU issues hoverboard policy 2/2/2016

    Slippery Rock University has joined an ever-growing list of colleges and universities across the country that have banned or restricted Hoverboards on their campuses. The University cabinet passed a formal policy Feb. 1 banning such devices from being used, charged or stored on campus.

  • SNOW KIDDING 1/19/2016

    With jam-packed schedules, including classes, work and extracurricular activities, it’s not unusual to see students sprinting across campus. It’s also common to see them focused on their smart phones, sending and fielding text messages on their travels.

  • CREATING A SAFE ZONE 1/14/2016

    Slippery Rock University's Jan. 14 Safe Zone training provided faculty, staff and students an opportunity to become an ally for those with an alternative sexual orientation or gender identity. The workshop provided training for those seeking to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning/Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) students and peers, as well as information about the LGBTQI community, including terms, definition and struggles. Presenters provided tips for becoming an ally and offering referrals for professional help.

  • Safe Zone training supports LGBTQI community 1/12/2016

    Slippery Rock University’s Jan. 14 Safe Zone training will give faculty, staff and select students an opportunity to become an ally for those with an alternative sexual orientation or gender identity.